Iowa Presidential Watch


March 3, 2004... John Kerry's frequent changes of positions
on issues earned him the title of "Senator FlipFlop"...


March 3, 2004... Veterans launched a petition declaring
John Kerry to be unfit as Commander-in-Chief...


Dec. 29, 2003... The French bungle a terrorist plan hijacking attempt...


March 17, 2004... France bravely reversed it's earlier law
banning the wearing of head guards by Muslim women...


Mar. 20, 2004... John Kerry's 18-year voting record as a U.S. Senator showed
persistent no votes on defense spending and yes votes on defense cuts...

here's a list of weapons systems Kerry has opposed over the years:

the B-1 bomber

the B-2

the F-15

the F-14A

the F-14D,
the AH-64 Apache helicopter

the AV-8B Harrier jet

the Patriot missile

the Aegis air-defense cruiser

the Trident missile
Kerry sought to reduce procurement of the following:

 the M1 Abrams tank,

the Bradley Fighting Vehicle

the Tomahawk cruise missile

the F-16 jet



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