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About our PAC...

In the beginning...

In 2003, a handful of concerned Iowans formed the Iowa Presidential Watch PAC (IPW-PAC). The mission: To hold accountable the Democrat presidential candidates bombarding the state of Iowa with their comments and allegations, and to make citizens aware of false statements or claims by the Democrat candidates. A website was created – -- to report, defend and set the record straight.

We immediately encountered opposition. The Des Moines Register printed an article about our newly formed PAC and soon-to-launch website. In it Iowa's Democratic Party chair Gordon Fischer predicted our doom:

Gordon Fischer, Iowa Democratic Party chairman, said no Republican group can lure the spotlight away from Democrats in 2004.

"All the excitement, enthusiasm and passion will be on the Democratic side of things," he said. "These Republicans recognize it and are trying to change it, but they won't be successful."

[*excerpt from the Des Moines Register's article about IPW-PAC: LINK]

Gordon Fischer was wrong...

Our formula for the website was simple: news and cartoons. And it was successful beyond our dreams.

Launched with the motto" Holding the Democrats Accountable," IPW-PAC's website provided a concise news survey on all fronts of the 2004 presidential campaign. The news was then combined with cartoons by IPW artist Linda Eddy.

Holding the Democrats' feet to the fire with a fresh and humorous take, IPW's political cartoons were quickly picked up by other conservative websites, blogs and forums:,,,,,,, and numerous others. The cartoons were, and remain, among the most emailed political cartoons on the Internet and are used at conservative political rallies and gatherings across the nation.

Nationally Fox News and Rush Limbaugh used IPW's graphics in their coverage of the John Kerry Vietnam veterans photo fraud. Other groups began utilizing IPW's cartooning: the San Jose Mercury News, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth organization, (Scott Swett, director of Free Republic Network), Vietnam Veterans for Truth, San Jose Mercury News, videos and many others...

International requests for IPW's cartoons followed: the London Sunday Telegraph Times and YahooNews/France.

Readers of IPW-PAC's website grew rapidly -- hits climbing as high as 80,000 per day.

We received countless emails from people, thanking us for taking on the liberals and countering the vast amount of liberal bias in the mainstream media. Here is a one:

I want to publicly thank you for these revealing facts, and hope that you will keep it up.  These facts would never have been known, unless you had gone to the trouble of digging them up and publishing them to everyone.

I am forwarding your site and all information to all those on my e-mail list... and they will do the same.  Hopefully, we will defeat this liar [John Kerry] in the polls, and have a decent president again for our country.  We need truth tellers in all areas of our lives.  Keep up the good work all. Praying for all of you also.

Sincerely, Chris [Last name withheld]

 We received emails from parents with sons and daughters serving in the military in Iraq – thanking us for our efforts, and telling us they were emailing IPW's cartoons to the troops to encourage them... We received emails from veterans, thanking IPW for our efforts and encouraging us onward.

As our exposure, popularity and effectiveness grew, six of IPW's political cartoons were selected for showing in the “Democracy in America” exhibit at Arizona State University in Tempe – location of the last presidential debate – along with works from 38 other artists worldwide, including: Norman Rockwell, Roy Lichtenstein, Thomas Nast and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Szep of the Boston Globe:

IPW's political cartoons were highlighted in the exhibit at the 2005 CPAC National Convention (the largest gathering of conservative political activists in the country) and noted for their effective contribution to conservative politics.

Through our website, IPW-PAC informed, educated, stirred, inspired and equipped conservatives as we held fast to our mission of holding the Democrats accountable.

And, of course, John Kerry was defeated.

Our mission continues...

The continued unabashed campaigning and partisan nature following the election compels our PAC's website,, to continue to be a straight-forward voice as to what is occurring in the Presidential political scene.

Now for the first time ever, the Democrats have continued the campaign after the election is over. There seems to be no respite from the division of viewpoints that make up the red and blue states.

What is even more interesting is the fact that both Republicans and Democrats have already begun their campaigns in Iowa for President. Because of this, IPW-PAC's website will highlight and feature the various candidates and their efforts from the unique vantage-point of Iowa

And so, our mission goes on.


-Roger Wm. Hughes, Chairman

 Iowa Presidential Watch PAC

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