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A message from Iowa Presidential Watch PAC Chairman, Roger Hughes

The one burning question...

As I travel around there is one constant question that I am asked. That question is, "How did Iowa elect Tom Harkin and Chuck Grassley to the U.S. Senate?" We at Iowa Presidential Watch have reflected on this fact and the mission of Iowa Presidential Watch and come to this conclusion:

We need to not only continue with our reporting on presidential politics but we also need to take care of the mess in our own back yard – Tom Harkin. Iowa Presidential Watch needs to take on the issue of making Sen. Tom Harkin and his actions better known to Iowans.



Because a great part of Harkin’s success comes from the fact that no one has adequately exposed his career in politics. Would Iowans really re-elect Harkin if they knew the facts about his politics and beliefs?

Absolutely not.

We also believe that now is the time to defeat Harkin. The political climate in Iowa has turned right, literally. It was close, but Iowa went for Bush over the socialist John Kerry. That's enough to believe that the ultimate socialist communist-supporting Senator -- Tom Harkin -- can be defeated if the facts about him are made known.



Iowa Presidential Watch will begin a "Harkin Must Go" section to bring to light the truth about Harkin's politics. We will also ask Republican presidential candidates who come to Iowa to help in our cause.

Iowa Presidential Watch was conceived to help defend Iowa Republicans from the onslaught of Democrats running for President in the 2004 election cycle. We never believed that we would have the kind of national impact that we achieved.

It was good working with Vietnam Veterans for Truth and Swift Boat Veterans. It was satisfying to know that IPW helped defeat the Liberal John Kerry and elect the Conservative George W. Bush. Of course in no small part, Iowa Presidential Watch’s success comes from our great cartoonist, Linda Eddy.

Linda’s cartoons have been duplicated and circulated millions and millions of times. There is nothing as deadly as a candidate becoming a joke or a caricature of themselves.

Therefore with our success as a springboard and the hopeful help from our friends, Iowa Presidential Watch is going to set out on this added mission of "Harkin Must Go." All conservative Americans should join in this cause with their dollars and support in whatever way they can.


Now, let me tell you just a little bit about Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin...

Sen. Harkin is one of the most liberal senators in American history. Harkin has never seen an enemy of America that he didn’t like. This is especially true of Communist leaders and countries during the Cold War.

One example is back in 1984 (see photo on left) when Harkin, along with Sen. John Kerry, flew down to Nicaragua to meet with the Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega -- a fanatical Marxist-Leninist. The visit was arranged by the Washington-based, pro-Soviet organization The Institute of Policy Studies -- an organization that actively cooperated with the KGB. Despite these facts Harkin enthusiastically supported, as he still does, the Institute of Policy Studies.

What angered many leading Democrat senators on the Armed Services Committee in 1984 was that Harkin and Kerry negotiated a peace treaty with our enemy Ortega. This was by definition a treasonous act.

Harkin has defamed President Bush and called the Vice President a coward. Harkin has continually sought to weaken America’s armed forces. He has consistently voted to give aide to America’s enemies: Communist Vietnam, Cambodia, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua to name a few. In short, Harkin believes in a socialist America and hates the very source of America’s wealth -- the Free Enterprise System.

On June 16th of this year, Harkin sneaked an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2005 Defense Authorization bill (Link). The amendment was designed to drive the Rush Limbaugh Show off the American Forces Radio and Television Service. Fortunately, Harkin was not successful.

In truth, Tom Harkin is a much greater threat to America’s families and values than Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, or any other left wing nut you can imagine. He knows how to achieve his results through back door manipulations and fraud.

In 1982, Harkin was running for reelection to the House. The hallmark of Harkin’s career at that point was the Harkin Human Rights Amendment. The amendment was the cornerstone of President Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy. In that campaign, Harkin denounced all of his work and effort on that policy for the convenience of winning reelection.

Harkin is the master of disguise and deceit. He's slick – as slick as "Slick Willy" Bill Clinton. That's how good he is at deceiving the public.


We've got to start NOW!

Things have changed. Presidential campaigns are now won over a long period of time. Need convincing? Look no further than at Dick Morris' successful selling of Bill Clinton to the American public for re-election. He started four years before the votes were cast. It was a 'long haul' strategy, and it worked. Presidential politics hasn't been the same since.

Because of this, we at IPW have come to the conclusion the only way to defeat Harkin is to wage a prolonged exposé of what Harkin has done and is doing to destroy the foundations of this country’s principles.

A one or two year campaign is not enough time to put the constant lies and misdirection of Harkin’s tactics to the bright light of truth. No, Harkin is too good. He knows that lies win in the short term and truth takes time to be digested.

So, Iowa Presidential Watch is taking on a long haul strategy against Sen. Tom Harkin, and we ask you to join in our cause. We need your support and dollars to make this happen. We need you to sign up for weekly updates that you send to your friends. We need you to spread the message of what Harkin has done, is doing, and is capable of doing in the future. We need to dedicate ourselves to ridding Iowa and the nation of the scourge of Sen. Tom Harkin.


Harkin must go.



National Journal:
Most liberal senators, lifetime voting

1. Mark Dayton, D-Minn.
2. Paul Sarbanes, D-Md.
3. Jack Reed, D-R.I.
4. Jon Corzine, D-N.J.
5. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.
6. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.
7. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa
8. Richard Durbin, D-Ill.
9. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J.
10. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt

* reference: National Journal published 3/6/04, p. 679


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