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Remember back in 1992 during the presidential campaign when Bill & Hillary Clinton appeared on 60 Minutes and were interviewed by Steve Croft? The reason the Clintons agreed to the interview on national television was to address the charge that Bill had carried on an extramarital affair with Genifer Flowers. The accusation was threatening to destroy then candidate Clinton's presidential hopes. When asked on national television if the story of the affair was true, Bill Clinton vehemently denied it. The public bought it and Clinton went on to win the election.

Then came the 2004 Bill Clinton memoir, "My Life." Inside it's pages Bill Clinton admitted he'd bold-faced lied to 60 Minutes interviewer Steve Croft -- and the American public -- about the Flowers affair. 'Slick Willy' is a name he well-deserves.

But what's this got to do with Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin? Lots. Harkin's lying is legendary. Over the years the press has tried to pin him down on lie after lie.

We all know Bill Clinton is slick, but Tom Harkin is even slicker... he's slicker than 'Slick Willy' Bill Clinton. He's sold his lies to Iowa's voters for decades. And that's why Harkin must go!


Below are excerpts from a news article that appeared
in The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 26, 1991:



Candidate Harkin Stretches the Truth
Vietnam isn't the only instance.


"... the Iowa lawmaker has found himself accused of misleading reporters about the troubles of his deaf brother. In addition, the budgetary mathematics he weaves into his basic stump speech have been challenged on network television. And allegations about Mr. Harkin's truthfulness extend back well before the current campaign, back to his claims that he was a combat pilot in Vietnam....

...In Mr. Harkin's case, the questions that have lingered longest concern his Navy record. Mr. Harkin did serve in the Navy during the Vietnam era, but exactly what he did, and for how long, remain a matter of some dispute...."


Other issues covered in the article:

...Harkin claimed he flew combat air patrols over Vietnam. It turns out it was over Cuba...

...Harkin claimed he spent "eight years, eight months and eight days as a Navy pilot." His military record shows he served five years on active duty...

...Harkin claimed he spent a year in Vietnam, but he was really stationed in Japan...

...Harkin referred to himself as a "Vietnam veteran in Congress" but is actually only a "Vietnam-era veteran" and has never received the standard Vietnam Service medal or Vietnam Campaign medal which were given to all who served in the Southeast Asia theater.

...Harkin lied about his deaf brother's employment history...


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