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Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin's record on
filibustering judicial nominees

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Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin joined his fellow Democrats – led by then-Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle -- in filibustering President Bush's judicial nominees, although for years prior he adamantly demanded "up or down" floor votes for all judicial nominees.

Daschle's filibustering ways lead to his defeat in 2004 in his home state of South Dakota. He is no longer a senator. South Dakotans sent him packing.

Iowans need to follow South Dakota's example and defeat Tom Harkin's re-election bid in 2008.

Harkin must go! 

Harkin's hypocracy... in his own words:

Senator Tom Harkin declared that filibustering nominations
was tantamount to blackmail.

“We had nominations that were filibustered. This was almost unheard of in our past. . . .  It is used, Mr. President, as blackmail for one Senator to get his or her way on something that they could not rightfully win through the normal processes.” (Sen. Tom Harking, Congressional Record, January 4, 1995)


Harkin agreed that a judicial nominee
“Should get an up or down vote within 60 days of their nomination.”

“I’ll just close by saying that Governor Bush had the right idea.  He said the candidate should get an up or down vote within 60 days of their nomination.”  (Sen. Tom Harkin, Press Conference, September 14, 2000)


In 2000, Harkin urged “The Republican leadership to take the steps necessary to allow
the full Senate to vote up or down on these important nominations.”

(Sen. Tom Harkin, Congressiona Record, September 11, 2000)


Harkin just wanted a vote, regardless of the outcome. 

“If they want to vote against them, let them vote against them. That’s their prerogative. But at least have a vote.”  (Sen. Tom Harkin, Press Conference, September 14, 2000)


Harkin used to think that the process
of judicial nominations dragged on for too long.

“Again, I’m sure I’m just going to echo the sentiments expressed by my colleagues on these judicial nominations.  This process has been dragging on too long.  The Senate should act promptly to fill these vacancies.”  (Sen. Tom Harkin, Press Conference, September 14, 2000)


Harkin vowed to fight “every day”
to get judicial nominees a vote.

“I intend to make my point every day.”  (Jake Thompson, "Harkin Vows To Keep Fighting For Controversial Nomination,” Omaha World-Herald, October 8, 2000)


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