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  8/7/2007 Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin criticizes presidential candidates for NOT refusing to rule out nuclear weapons use

9/21-06 Harkin defends Venezuelan President's UN speech against Bush, Chevaz called Bush "the devil"...

7-26-06 Harkin votes to avoid Iowa abortion law... Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) voted to allow pregnant teenage girls to be transported outside of Iowa so that they would not have to notify a relative that they were having an abortion.

6-29-06 Harkin supports flag desecration... Senate rejects BY ONE VOTE a Constitutional amendment to protect the U.S. flag

6-16-06 Harkin votes to cut & run from Iraq... Senate resolution for timetable of US troop withdrawal from Iraq rejected 93-6

6-05-06 Harkin supports illegals Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) joined protesters outside the Polk County Jail to protest the arrest of East High School graduate Estephanie Izaquirre (18)

6-05-06 Harkin raises almost $1 million... In the time spanning January 2005 to March 31, 2006 Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) raised $961,000 to put  into the coffers of his campaign committee.

5-15-06 We always knew it was true..."... I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on..." [Tom Harkin alert]

4-28-06 Harkin supports surrender...He lied about being a combat veteran in Vietnam, now he wants to surrender to terrorists in Iraq

4-28-06 Harkin would cap salaries...CIETC Damage control time...

4-08-06 Iowa Democrat scandal: Harkin & Vilsack caught up in web
...Harkin connected to a job training pay scandal at Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium (CIETC)

3-19-06 Harkin joins Feingold...Harkin has decided to join Russ Feingold's 'censure the President' dud...

3-06-06 Harkin wants USA to surrender... Calls for immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq

2-09-06 Harkin staff deface Wikipedia...

Staff of Senator Tom Harkin altered the online viewer encyclopedia known as Wikipedia.

Wikipedia said staffers of Senator Tom Harkin had removed a paragraph relating to Harkin's having falsely claimed to have flown combat missions over North Vietnam, and his subsequent recantation. Harkin never received the Vietnam combat medal but is a Vietnam era veteran.

1-31-2006 Harkin's troubles grow... The Myth of Tom Harkin continues to erode as the Abramoff Scandal gains damning factual evidence...

12-14-2005 Justice Department investigating Harkin... Why isn’t the Des Moines Register reporting it?  Editorial by: Roger Wm. Hughes

12-06-2005 Harkin/Abramoff scandal The Iowa Senator is now under investigation for corruption...

11-14-2005 Harkin's big mouth... Harkin says, "filibuster Alito's nomination!" No -- wait! He didn't!! ...

11-05-2005 "Screwball Harkin"... An analysis by IPW PAC Chairman Roger Hughes...

11-01-2005 Des Moines Register ends Harkin 'pass'... After weeks of published reports that Sen. Tom Harkin broke ethics laws by not reimbursing Jack Abromoff’s for the use of his skybox at the Washington D.C. MCI Center, the Des Moines Register finally made mention of the scandal in Jane Norman’s column...

10-26-2005 Harkin's tricks and treats... Harkin constantly portrays himself as a populist who is continuously fighting for the interest of the little guy in Iowa. However, the record of his political contributions and his wife’s revolving door in government shows a very different Tom Harkin...

10-14-2005 Harkin's political slime... Sen. Tom Harkin has always been able to get away with some of the worst hypocrisy and political slime of any national political figure. However, the Omaha World Herald is calling Iowa’s Sen. Harkin to task for his latest duplicitous action.


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