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June 29, 2006  

It [disclosing national secrets regarding spying on terrorists banking practices] tells you a lot about the New York Times, and it tells you a lot about the individual who did that," said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. ". . . for people to behave in that way, in my opinion, is shameful."

"There's a group in the opposition party who are willing to retreat before the mission is done," President Bush said. "They're willing to wave the white flag of surrender. And if they succeed, the United States will be worse off, and the world will be worse off."


J U S T   P O L I T I C S


Harkin supports flag desecration

Editorial by Roger Hughes

Left wing, anti-free enterprise Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) was one of the 34 votes that stopped the constitutional amendment that would have banned the desecration of the U.S. Flag. The amendment failed by one vote.

Harkin has a record of not only failing to support the symbol of sacrifice of Veterans but also a failure of supporting a strong military. This despite the fact that Harkin frequently has tried to trade on his Air Force service during the time of the Vietnam War. Still, his record shows that he has voted time and again to cut military spending.

Harkin also suffered a large embarrassment when he was running for president, and it was pointed out that he lied about being a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War theater. Harkin was stationed in Japan and ferried planes outside the war zone during that time and was never awarded the Vietnam service medal.

Prior to his election as senator, Harkin was a Representative with a strong penchant to vote to give foreign aide to Communist countries -- and not to give aide to pro-American countries. He and Sen. John Kerry even traveled to Nicaragua together where negotiations took place on an illegal treaty of surrender with the Nicaraguan Communist Leader Daniel Ortega. [see photo]

As expected, three Republican Senators -- Robert F. Bennett (Utah), Lincoln D. Chafee (R.I.) and Mitch McConnell (Ky.) -- voted against the amendment. Fourteen Democrats voted for it.

Vilsack adds staff

Former Vilsack administration policy adviser Dusky Terry and Heather Matson, who ran Terry's losing primary bid for Iowa agriculture secretary this year, have joined Vilsack’s Heartland PAC in Iowa, said the organization's Iowa political director Jeff Link.

Clintons support New Hampshire

Former President Bill Clinton visited New Hampshire and called for the Democrat National Committee to leave Iowa and New Hampshire the same as they are--  first and second in the nation in selecting the presidential nominee.

He further stated that was the opinion of his wife as well, according to the Union Leader:

Bill Clinton said all the right things Tuesday — and then some. He backed New Hampshire adamantly and said the Democratic National Committee was making a mistake by scheduling an additional caucus between Iowa and the primary, and adding a primary soon after New Hampshire. He told Washington Democrats to "leave Iowa and New Hampshire alone."

And Clinton, who is so popular among minorities that he’s been affectionately dubbed the "first black American President," said the DNC’s goal of bringing more diversity to the early schedule can be addressed in other ways.

The "and then some" part came when Clinton unexpectedly made it abundantly clear he was also speaking for his wife, Hillary, who will most likely be the Democratic front-runner the minute she enters the ’08 Presidential race.



Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) has become a poster boy for the Democrats to use in creating the illusion that even pro-military Democrats believe that the "War on Terrorism" is misguided. To some Democrats, Murtha’s ego has outpaced his good sense. This became clear when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had to counsel Murtha about his announced plans to become Majority Leader when the Democrats win control of the House of Representatives.

While all of this sits well in the minds of Liberals who somehow are happiest when America is made into an inferior nation, it just doesn’t hold up in the light of day. Toward this end, Iowa Presidential Watch (IPW) is happy to associate itself once again with key players in "Vietnam Veterans for Truth," the organization that worked closely with us in the 2004 election cycle. These veterans are now organized as "Vets for the Truth" (VFFT) in their effort to keep John Murtha honest.

Iowa Presidential Watch is an uncoordinated federal political action committee that is affiliating with VFTT in "Operation Boot Murtha."

The efforts of IPW and VFTT, combined with your support, will enable us not only to make a significant effort toward re-deploying John Murtha from Washington but also to mitigate the damage that Murtha causes when he campaigns other Democrats around the nation.

After all, would you want Nancy Pelosi in your conservative? No, you would want the so-called "hawkish Democrat," John Murtha!

This is why Murtha has the potential to hurt America’s security more than in the past. He has taken upon himself the role of being in the front line of the assault on America’s security. His "fifth-column" efforts in former years have not resulted in any significant weakening of America’s strength, but now it is different!

Now when John Murtha appears with Tim Russert on NBC’s "Meet the Press," he adds significant weight to the attempt to weaken America in its war on terrorism. Now when he says that our military is weak and worn-out in Iraq, he emboldens insurgents and terrorists to attack our troops there. Now when he makes policy statements (that are well above his intellectual level and political pay grade) about how we need to conduct the War on Terrorism, he encourages others to leak national-security information to the "New York Times" and other media outlets.

The insidious pattern of this effort is not new. Much as John Kerry (having adopted President John Kennedy as his role model) tailored his military record for political purposes, Murtha has sought to use his own questionable war record for the same reason.

We cannot let John Murtha’s undermining of our national security continue. We must remain engaged in the War on Terrorism. We cannot allow another 9/11 to take place on our shores.

Toward that end, I ask you to join us in support of "Operation Boot Murtha."

-- Roger Hughes, chairman, Iowa Presidential Watch PAC



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