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 -- 2006 election cycle


You helped stop Murtha from becoming Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representative despite Nancy Pelosi twisting arms to get him elected.

Cries, wails and gnashing of teeth came from Rep. John Murtha’s camp as they raised accusations about those outsiders who came into his district and “told lies about him.”  However, the truth that you helped to spread has stopped Murtha from moving into the Majority Leader’s office.

Murtha himself on talk shows complained about being “Swift Boated.”

The great CBS News (Can’t Believe Stories) had a headline that read, “Is Murtha An Ethics Blight For Democrats?” The answer is: yes.

Even “Roll Call” writes in an editorial, “It’s easy to be cynical about the pledge by incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that Democrats will deliver “the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history,” especially after Pelosi continued backing Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) for House Majority Leader even as he privately characterized her ethics reform package to fellow Democrats as ‘total crap.’”

The service you provided to our nation in stopping Murtha is incalculable.

It is great to have at least one success story for the 2006 election cycle. Knowing that we did stop Murtha from holding the incredible power of hooking up with Nancy Pelosi in running the U.S. House is something that can cause us to have a large degree of satisfaction.





Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) has become a poster boy for the Democrats to use in creating the illusion that even pro-military Democrats believe that the "War on Terrorism" is misguided. To some Democrats, Murtha’s ego has outpaced his good sense. This became clear when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had to counsel Murtha about his announced plans to become Majority Leader when the Democrats win control of the House of Representatives.

While all of this sits well in the minds of Liberals who somehow are happiest when America is made into an inferior nation, it just doesn’t hold up in the light of day. Toward this end, Iowa Presidential Watch (IPW) is happy to associate itself once again with key players in "Vietnam Veterans for Truth," the organization that worked closely with us in the 2004 election cycle. These veterans are now organized as "Vets for the Truth" (VFFT) in their effort to keep John Murtha honest.

"Operation Boot Murtha" is the campaign organized by Vets For The Truth to redeploy John Murtha, and is under Iowa Presidential Watch's 527 PAC  .

The efforts of IPW and VFTT, combined with your support, will enable us not only to make a significant effort toward re-deploying John Murtha from Washington but also to mitigate the damage that Murtha causes when he campaigns other Democrats around the nation.

After all, would you want Nancy Pelosi in your conservative? No, you would want the so-called "hawkish Democrat," John Murtha!

This is why Murtha has the potential to hurt America’s security more than in the past. He has taken upon himself the role of being in the front line of the assault on America’s security. His "fifth-column" efforts in former years have not resulted in any significant weakening of America’s strength, but now it is different!

Now when John Murtha appears with Tim Russert on NBC’s "Meet the Press," he adds significant weight to the attempt to weaken America in its war on terrorism. Now when he says that our military is weak and worn-out in Iraq, he emboldens insurgents and terrorists to attack our troops there. Now when he makes policy statements (that are well above his intellectual level and political pay grade) about how we need to conduct the War on Terrorism, he encourages others to leak national-security information to the "New York Times" and other media outlets.

The insidious pattern of this effort is not new. Much as John Kerry (having adopted President John Kennedy as his role model) tailored his military record for political purposes, Murtha has sought to use his own questionable war record for the same reason.

We cannot let John Murtha’s undermining of our national security continue. We must remain engaged in the War on Terrorism. We cannot allow another 9/11 to take place on our shores.

Toward that end, I ask you to join us in support of "Operation Boot Murtha."




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