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July 29, 2004... Photos surface of John Kerry from a tour of NASA
dressed in a sissy blue 'suit' ...



Aug. 2, 2004... Touting his Vietnam ' war hero' status at the Democratic National Convention,
John Kerry takes the stage and says, "John Kerry, reporting for duty"

“John Kerry just bet the farm on a fairy-tale version of his Vietnam service, figuring, no doubt, that it always worked for him before. What he doesn't realize is that huge numbers of veterans who didn't care if he was a Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts will crawl across broken glass to keep him from becoming Commander-in-Chief. That battle is now joined.” – Scott Swett, webmaster of ...



Aug. 4, 2003

New book: “Unfit for Command

Kerry Vietnam video is just an reenactment

In a Matt Drudge world exclusive, Drudge is calling it ‘a bombshell new book’ and it’s written by none other than John O’Neil --  the man who took over John Kerry’s swift boat in Vietnam after Kerry’s suspiciously abbreviated 4 month tour.

In the book, O’Neil states that during Kerry’s 4 months in Vietnam he carried around an 8mm movie camera and reenacted combat scenes while being filmed. This reenacted Vietnam footage is the focus of a mounting controversy swirling around the Vietnam-hype video Kerry will be showing at the Dem Convention in Boston.

One chapter of the book is dedicated to the "Museum Photo" story, which has been widely publicized by the organization, Vietnam Vets for the Truth [LINK to story]. Kerry's photo hangs in the Communist Vietnam War Remnants Museum in the area honoring those who helped them defeat the USA. Jane Fonda’s photo is also there.

Smelling strongly like Kerry’s “Band of Brothers” photo fiasco (you know -- the one of Kerry and 19 of his Vietnam swift boat crewmembers, of which only two actually support Kerry for president), Kerry’s video may prove to be yet another false representation.

Will the mainstream media ignore this one, too?

[Excerpts from DRUDGE article:]

The official convention video introducing Kerry is directed by Steven Spielberg protégé James Moll. Moll was given hours of Kerry's homemade 8 millimeter film to incorporate into the convention short, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"Kerry carried a home movie camera to record his exploits for later viewing," charges a naval officer in the upcoming book UNFIT FOR COMMAND. 

"Kerry would revisit ambush locations for reenacting combat scenes where he would portray the hero, catching it all on film.  Kerry would take movies of himself walking around in combat gear, sometimes dressed as an infantryman walking resolutely through the terrain.  He even filmed mock interviews of himself narrating his exploits.  A joke circulated among Swiftees was that Kerry left Vietnam early not because he received three Purple Hearts, but because he had recorded enough film of himself to take home for his planned political campaigns."



Aug. 5, 2004

Battle of the Corn

President Bush and John Kerry were within spitting distance of one another as they battled for votes in Davenport, Iowa. Photo-opping Kerry even stuck his head and arms out of his campaign bus window, ears of corn --still unshucked --in each hand. Bush opted to partake of the cuisine, and was seen dining on fresh sweet corn.

Iowa is one of the 17 “battleground” states in this year’s Presidential Election. Bush narrowly lost Iowa to Al Gore in 2000.



Aug. 8, 2004

DNC planning smear attack on the Swifties! reports on the upcoming full-scale assault planned by the DNC against the Swifties (527 PAC ‘Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’) for their anti-Kerry ad:

The Democrat National Committee has prepared a full-scale assault against the Vietnam Veterans for Truth to draw their character and veracity into question, according to one anonymous source inside the DNC. The campaign of character assassination is scheduled to coincide with the release of the book Unfit for Command which reveals inconvenient facts for the Kerry campaign.

“We have prepared what we call ‘Brown Books’ that contain damaging military records, personal credit histories, medical histories, psychiatric histories, divorce records, you name it,” our source told us. "We've got the goods on the Veterans who oppose Kerry."

The “Brown Books” are so called because of their distinctive plain brown covers, which contain no words. Some books have already been delivered to Kerry-friendly reporters. Others are on their way, our source told us. When asked if we could have a copy, our source declined, saying there is a limited number of “Brown Books” and they have been carefully inventoried to control in whose hands the books ended up.

Ultimately the “Brown Books” will end up in the hands of pro-Kerry news agencies and reporters. According to our source, who demanded to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, The New York Times is already on the hook to run a negative series on the Vets, as is the Boston Globe, which is owned by the Times. (Editor’s Note: The Globe has already been caught attempting to attack the veracity of George Elliott, Kerry’s commanding officer in Vietnam.)

In addition, the DNC has deployed a six member team from their press shop whose sole responsibility will be to spin and counter-spin stories about the members of Vietnam Veterans for Truth with pro-Kerry media entities, like the Times.

When asked if this was just another example of John Kerry slandering Vietnam Vets – like he did in 1971 as a member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War – our source snapped, “No! This is warfare. The only way we’re going to get out of this is to force everyone to question their motives and credibility.”

“If they want to spread rumors and stories about John Kerry, we’ll spread rumors and stories about them. And some of the things they did in Vietnam were a lot worse than what they say John Kerry did,” our source concluded ominously.



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