August 10, 2005



Lies sell

The dis-proved 1971 movie and project known as “Winter Soldier” is going to have a re-awakening. It will be shown first at Film Society of Lincoln Center – followed by other public screenings in Chicago, Detroit, Hartford, Minneapolis and other venues reports the NY Times.

Winter Soldier was a 1970-71 anti-Vietnam War project where John Kerry and allegedly Jane Fonda collaborated by raising funds to interview returning Vietnam veterans to document war crimes. It has since been proven that the testimony gathered was false -- and that many of those testifying were never in Vietnam, or confessed to lying in order to ‘bed’ women at the anti-war events.

NewsMax reports on the reaction of Veterans:

B.G. Burkett, Vietnam veteran and author of "Stolen Honor: How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of its Heroes and its History," tells NewsMax, "It's amazing how a paper like the New York Times would publish such a story without vetting or commenting on the claims [of atrocities] in the film.

"It's pretty much settled now that much of the so-called atrocities was the product of outright fabrications and some even offered by persons with criminal records.

"Some of this stuff is ludicrous on its face," adds Burkett, "but it's being offered as gospel."

Burkett singles out Scott Camil, a former Marine scout and forward artillery observer, who in the film confides, "If I had to go into a village and kill 150 people just to make sure there was no one there to kill me when we walked out, that's what I did."

Vietnam Veterans for Truth, an organization that Sen. John Kerry was a member of, offers this website. The group, which included Scott Camil, voted to assassinate eight U.S. Senators.

NewsMax offers a look back at one of the key participants in the Winter Soldier project and the testimony of Vietnam veteran Steve Pitkin:

During a speech at the Kerry Lied Rally on Sept. 12, 2004, Pitkin first identified himself as a vet who, with prodding from Kerry, lied about atrocities in Vietnam:

"They knew I was one of the very few real combat veterans in the room. I told them I didn’t have anything to say. Kerry said, ‘Surely you’ve seen some of the atrocities.’

"I kept saying ‘no’ and the mood turned ugly. One of the other leaders whispered to me, ‘It’s a long walk back to Baltimore.’ I’m not proud of this, but I finally agreed to speak. They told me what to talk about – American troops beating civilians and prisoners, shelling and destroying villages for no reason, and acts of racism against the Vietnamese.

"John Kerry knew that the Winter Soldier testimony was a pack of lies. I know, because I was there, and I told some of those lies."







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