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Vilsack's exit boosted Edwards in Iowa

Ferraro: "I've got Hillary's back"

Obama: Bush doesn't respect Constitution

Hillary promotes her education agenda in New Hampshire

6 candidates to cross Iowa in 5 days
   Obama, Dodd, Giuliani, Biden, Clinton, Edwards

Edwards says her children will be on campaign trail


"I was approached by Kerry to run as his running mate and I rejected it out of hand..."

McCain said VP slot "was never offered" by Kerry...

McCain said "Obviously, I would entertain" running with Kerry...

McCain denies he was close to quitting GOP

Alarmed by Obama's fundraising, Hillary has dispatched her husband to host
17 fundraisers over last 6 weeks

Giuliani: wife won't be Cabinet member

Murtha calls for return of the draft during Wolf Blitzer Show/CNN     transcript     video

  • “I vote against the volunteer army.”

  • “We ought to not have a select few who volunteer. I think everybody ought to be obligated to serve.”

  • “I think [the draft is] absolutely needed

Richardson to travel to North Korea

Tancredo to formally announce bid this Monday

Giuliani acknowledges mistake over Kerik

NH House gives secretary of state clear authority to schedule New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation Presidential primary before the Iowa and Nevada caucuses in 2008

Clinton expands lead in Pennsylvania

Brownback backs Social Security accounts

Grass roots planted in cyberspace

Romney names Jeb Bush as possible No. 2

Edwards experiences surge in support

In His White House, Giuliani Says, His Wife Might Have a Very Visible Role as Adviser

Obama - portrait of a pragmatist

'08 candidates race clock on fundraising

Presidential candidates focus on fundraising

Giuliani faces questions about Sept. 11th

Testimony by Giuliani Indicates He Was Briefed on Kerik in ’00

Clooney steps cautiously into Obama camp

McGovern endorses Hillary's campaign

Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus will partner for 2 Primary debates

Gore mulling 3rd party run in '08 (Green Party)

Big Brother Kucinich seeks spy volunteers

Richardson: Nuclear '9-11' is possible

Barack Obama coming to Iowa this weekend

Obama's K Street project

While Obama has decried the influence of special interests in Washington, the reality is that many of the most talented and experienced political operatives in his party are lobbyists, and he needs their help.

McCain picks former Congressman as Iowa Campaign Chair

Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned the GOP in 2001

McCain on regulating Internet politics: 'I'd be very reluctant'

McCain to Obama: Iraq War Is Changing

Dobson snubs Fred Thompson, 'I don't think he's a Christian'

NOW endorses Hillary

Jesse Jackson will vote for Obama

Billie Jean King endorses Hillary

Steve Forbes endorses Giuliani

Shaheen: Support for Clinton not linked to ambassador job

Nevada GOP moves caucus date ahead of NH primary

Gauging Obama's YouTube numbers

With Local New York Figures on the Ballot (Clinton, Giuliani), Others May Shun an Early Primary

Obama, Clinton, Edwards seek support from Telecommunications Union

Democratic candidates praise value of organized labor

Tony Blankley: Hillary on track for nomination

Edwards holds early Iowa lead

Clinton will help Vilsack pay off his $400,000 campaign debt

McCain skirts airstrip issue

McCain draws praise from Florida's Crist

Why Fred Thompson should run

Is America ready for a bald president?

Brownback sees potential of corn uses

Romney raises dough but not profile in Los Angeles

Duncan Hunter guest blogs on GOP blog site

Giuliani denounces troop withdrawal deadline

McCain praises Fred Thompson

Zogby phone survey: Giuliani, Clinton, hold big leads

Hillary's mystery woman: who is Huma?

Obama's gaffes start to pile up

Harris Poll: 50% of adults polled would not vote for Hillary

Obama accuses Bush of 'Social Darwinism'

Is Obama all style and no substance?

Brownback says voters question his Iraq stance

Giuliani reports clean bill of health

Hillary: Firings a Bush admin power grab

The case against Fred Thompson

Romney offers student fundraisers money

Bill Clinton requested to testify before House Committee

Vilsacks back Clinton, pledge to help her win Iowa caucuses

South Carolina fights to preserve its primary role

Edwards gains support as he remains in the race

Hillary to get spoofed on South Park

Mindful of Past, Clinton Cultivates the Military

Rookie mistakes plague Obama

Duncan Hunter speaks out on borders, China trade

Nevada GOP wants to jump ahead of NH

For Clinton and Obama, a common ideological touchstone

Hillary Clinton touts universal healthcare plan

Romney finds peril in checklist for '08

Candidates begin playing money expectations game

Media's access to McCain may prove risky

Hagel: Some see impeachment as option

Hillary Clinton says Vilsack will endorse her today

Couric grills Edwards over campaigning with cancer

Obama: Feds should investigate Duke Lacrosse DA Nifong

Hillary in Hollywood: $2.6M outpaces Obama

McCain campaign won't meet fundraising goals

McCain: U.K. should take action against Iran

Vilsack to endorse Clinton for president

Now Obama's Irish, too...

As '08 candidate, Giuliani strikes a new tone on guns

Edwards campaign in uncharted territory

Giuliani's wife, Judith, also married 3 times

Bill Clinton says 'it's just not fair' how Hillary is depicted for her Iraq War vote... “I don’t have a problem with anything Barack Obama [has] said on this,” but “to characterize Hillary and Obama’s positions on the war as polar opposites is ludicrous... This dichotomy that’s been set up to allow him to become the raging hero of the anti-war crowd on the Internet is just factually inaccurate.”

Elizabeth Edwards' cancer returns; campaign will continue

Florida may switch primary to Jan. 29th

Florida: GOP fundraiser jumps from Romney to Giuliani

CNN poll: Dems favor Hillary 44%, Obama 23%

Giuliani is GOP's hope to win Pennsylvania in 2008

Dick Morris: What's wrong with Hillary's campaign team?

Edwards: Noon Thursday announcement about wife's health

Edwards cancel Iowa event to be with wife

Anti-Clinton ad linked to Obama campaign tech

Gore refuses to take personal energy ethics pledge

McCain warns of spread of socialism

Hillary's (and Bill) D.C. fundraiser brings in $2.7 million

Fundraising tallies for 1st quarter could be make-or-break

McCain Battles Conservative Group With Dueling YouTube Video

Clinton, Obama campaigns clash over Iraq

Gingrich: 2008 race should avoid private lives of candidates

Anti-War Dems near defeat on spending bill

Hillary e-mail: Get Karl Rove

Dick Morris: Romney and Gingrich blocking Right candidates

New Harris Poll: Giuliani, Gingrich gain... McCain in trouble

Senate GOP accuses Gore of violating Committee rules by demanding special treatment

Edwards claims his mega-mansion is 'carbon neutral'

Tancredo: Time for Gonzales to 'move on'

Obama more liberal than Kucinich!

John Fund: Fred Thompson run is 'shaking up' GOP field

Draft Fred Thompson leader predicts decision in May

McCain refuses to sign Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge

McCain reconsidering his views on immigration after Iowa trip

Gore to testify on the Hill this Wed. on climate

The Internet primary - goes politicking

Dodd calls vote for war a mistake

Obama the 'Magic Negro'

The Magic Negro is a figure of postmodern folk culture, coined by snarky 20th century sociologists, to explain a cultural figure who emerged in the wake of Brown vs. Board of Education. "He has no past, he simply appears one day to help the white protagonist," reads the description on Wikipedia .

Romney's botched Miami speech - ends with Castro slogan

Boyhood friend and teacher say Obama was Muslim

Hillary rakes in $1 million at NY fundraiser (Bill at her side)

Dollars - March 31st marks first quarter deadline for fundraising

Sharpened Edwards ahead in Iowa

Political video smackdown

'Hillary 1984': Unauthorized Internet ad for Obama converts Apple Computer's '84 Super Bowl spot into a generational howl against Clinton's presidential bid

    appears to use actual footage from Apple Computer ad

McCain vows to fix world's view of 'ugly American'

California's state GOP lining up behind Guiliani

McCain hires snow plow to reach New Hampshire events

'Swift Boat' figure (Perry) joins Romney

McCain backs Bush on key issues

Dodd sets subprime hearing for Thursday

McCain stumbles on H.I.V. prevention

Thompson would be candidate from conservative central casting

Edwards campaign HQ suffers powder scare

Candidates try web video; reviews are mixed

FEC dismisses complaint against Harry Reid

CNN's poll: Giuliani 34%, McCain 18% ...

CNN's poll: Hillary 37%, Obama 22%

Obama's search for self began as 'Barry' in Hawaii

McCain regrets use of term 'tarbaby'

Tyrrell book, "The Clinton Crack-Up" hits bookshelves next week

“During Clinton’s retirement there have been other ladies, though most, according to my sources, have been one-night stands with hostesses on Clinton’s speaking tours.”

“The tirades and flying objects directed by her at Bill’s defenseless skull are not fictions invented by Clinton-haters. ... There would be more spousal abuse during Clinton’s retirement when his amours threatened Hillary’s political longevity.”

Bill rips NY Time's Hillary-bashing

From Bill Frist / VOLPAC e-mail:

"I talked to Fred Thompson last night, really just to share with him the tremendous support that he has received from all of you who have blogged on the Volpac web site over the past 4 days. In your messages many of you have given specific suggestions, and I passed them on to him. If there are messages, or ideas that you'd like to get to Fred, write them below, to stimulate others with your ideas, and I will share them with Fred. Now is the time for big ideas ... big, true conservative ideas that rise above the fray. Fred is listening. He will carefully consider running over the next several weeks. His public statements exactly reflect what he is thinking inside...

To leave a comment on my blog for Fred Thompson, please click here."
Bill Frist, M.D.

Edwards calls for cabinet-level 'poverty' post

McCain in Iowa.. the StraightTalk Express bus tour

Shrum: Hillary ruled out as Kerry's '04 VP pick ... too polarizing

Brownback: 'homosexual acts are immoral'

"I do not think homosexuality is immoral," says Hillary

New Hampshire endorsements so far for Obama, Hillary

Tommy Thompson in Iowa: 'I am the only true conservative'

Huckabee defends his record on (raising) taxes

Giuliani's director of rapid response quit the campaign yesterday

Hugo Chavez is tied to Giuliani's firm (NY Times article)

McCain fights to recapture 'maverick' spirit of 2000 campaign

Wesley Clark's using

Schwarzenegger signs bill moving CA primary from June to Feb.

Gingrich: early, long presidential campaign 'absurd', 'dumb'

Obama describes Edwards as, "kind of cute"...

Fred Thompson seeking political operatives

Clinton sees some troops staying in Iraq if she is elected

CNN bars candidate from debate, censorship charged

First Fox, now Democrats warn against going on Colbert

Edwards falls behind in S. Carolina poll

McCain draws heat from vet group, Club for Growth

Giuliani nixed from firefighters forum

Biden drives Internet petition for Iraq bill

Political donor to Gov. Richardson to Benefit from New Mexico project

California's February primary plan gives state leaders new clout

Fred Thompson garners passion of GOP

Hillary calls for Gonzales' resignation

Bill Clinton, 1993: "All those people (US attorneys) are routinely replaced," he told reporters, "and I have not done anything differently."

Mitt Romney like Ronald Reagan on abortion shift

Hillary Says the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is Baaaack!'

Liberal 'Air America' offers to host GOP presidential debate

Al Gore spanked by NY Times

Frist: Fred Thompson should run for president

McCain skips 4th consecutive conservative gathering in 2 months

Gov. Schwarzenegger's coming to Iowa to sell 'post-partisanship'

Post-partisanship, said a rueful state Sen. Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) "is the process by which Arnold sits down with Democratic leaders and gets them to do exactly what they wanted to do all along."

CBS / NY Times poll: Republicans want more choices in 2008

Texas Rep. Ron Paul enters 2008 race

Al Sharpton rips Obama

NOTEWORTHY: Wednesday, March 14... International Association
of Fire Fighters hosts a presidential forum in Washington, DC

Speech Line-up:

Sen. Edwards at 9:00 am ET

Sen. Biden at 9:30 am ET

Sen. Obama at 10:00 am ET

Rep. Hunter at 10:30 am ET

Sen. Clinton at 11:00 am ET

Sen. Hagel 1:00 pm ET

Sen. Dodd at 1:30 pm ET

Gov. Richardson at 2:00 pm ET

Sen. McCain at 2:00 pm ET

Fred Thompson: will fill-in for Paul Harvey as mulls 2008 run
Hagel decides not to decide... yet
Giuliani wins backing of conservative senator
Obama: 'Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people...
Edwards says he 'has more depth' this time
Romney says government was wrong in Schiavo case
Brownback campaigns in western Iowa
Actor Fred Thompson considers 2008 run
Kucinich: Debate snub an 'insult to voters'
Hillary: I'm the JFK of 2008
Hillary to back Iraq deadline - will vote for withdrawal date
McCain: GOP to blame for losing election
Edwards Campaign: "Fox News has already proven they have no intention
     of providing "fair and balanced" coverage of any Democrat in this election."
Fox News chairman Roger Ailes To Media: Pressure To Boycott Debates  "Must Be Resisted"
"Any candidate for high office of either party who believes he can blacklist 
any news organization is making a terrible mistake about journalists.
And any candidate of either party who cannot answer direct, simple, even
tough questions from any journalist runs a real risk of losing the voters."
War: Dems pull out of FoxNews debate - Nevada
Obama NY fundraiser: "... they had to move the event from a restaurant to
     a hotel. Then it sold out and people started scalping tickets on craigslist."
Baker confirms push for (Fred) Thompson run
McCain: keep 2008 spotlight off gossip
Hillary's college thesis revealed: 'There is only the fight...'
Giuliani leads GOP pack, doing it his way - LA Times
Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe
Could Edwards become first woman president?
Clinton calls for G.I. 'Bill of Rights'
Hagel to announce on Monday if running in 2008
WSJ: McCain forced to play catch-up as support ebbs
Giuliani, Edwards lead North Carolina poll
Quinnipiac Poll: Giuliani leads Clinton, Obama in 3 key states
Edwards to skip debate hosted by Fox News
Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll: Giuliani leads McCain
In '05 Investing, Obama Took Same Path as Donors (NY Times)
McCain Apologizes for Walter Reed
Hillary launches 'Women for Hillary'
Clinton, Romney lead among party insiders
Do Tell! Hillary rips Gay G.I. rule... Hillary defends Gays for Defense
Hillary & Obama to hold dueling receptions at Jewish Conference
Giuliani wins Dorchester, Oregon straw poll
N.H. may change 2008 primary date - ahead of Iowa?
Richardson: 4 states will decide nominee; over by end of Jan. '08
GiuIiani seeks privacy on family matters amidst son's comments
How Edwards sees faith - America not a 'Christian' nation
Huckabee campaign launches blog
NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg may run for president in '08
Barack wins the Battle of The Bridge
Edwards sends video to 70,000 Iowans this week
Obama & Clinton(s) in Selma for anniversary march
Gallup Poll of Democrats: few think Gore can win in 2008
C-PAC Poll: Romney 21%, Giuliani 17%, Brownback 15%, Gingrich 14%, McCain 12%
Newsweek Poll: Giuliani up 25 points over McCain
Novak Column: Another Hillary defector (Greg Craig)
Hillary in Alabama this Sun. for Selma March Anniversary
Invitation to Romney riles some at Regent University (VA)
If Delaware voted today, Hillary would beat Biden (from Del.)
Dean demands Coulter apology... called Edwards 'faggot'
McCain wins South Carolina county strawpoll... by 2 votes
Romney & Giuliani at C-PAC (NY Times)
Giuliani at C-PAC stresses record
Obama blames USA for stronger Iran
Hillary hiding Wellesley College thesis from public
Obama defends McCain's 'wasted' comment re troops
TIME poll: Giuliani in lead
Gingrich says Hillary is 'a nasty woman'
Christian Right labors to find 'conservative' candidate


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