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NOVEMBER 2007 Notable Quotables:

"You never try to stop a dogfight"
-Mike Huckabee
“Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office"
-Mike Huckabee

"I would say he had sanctuary mansion, not just sanctuary city.”
-Rudy Giuliani about Mitt Romney

"Hillary could be on the first rocket to Mars"
-Mike Huckabee

"It will be me."
-Hillary Clinton
"Sen. Clinton is claiming basically the entire eight years
of the Clinton presidency as her own"
-Barack Obama
"Do you really want Bill Clinton back in the White House?"
-Donna Brazile
"The idea that you have to go to the Clinton people and say,
"Are you really pulling off this dirty trick?"
We wrote about dirty tricks with Nixon for years
without getting it confirmed by the Nixon campaign."
-Robert Novak

"In 1979, at this stage of the game,
Ronald Reagan's campaign was flat broke"
-Mike Huckabee

“My understanding was that she wasn’t Treasury secretary in the Clinton
administration, so I don’t know exactly what experiences she’s claiming.”
-Barack Obama

“I don’t think living in a foreign country between the ages of
6 and 10 is foreign policy experience.”
-Hillary Clinton

"I love America. I love her enough to make some people angry"
- John McCain

"This pantsuit is asbestos tonight"
- Hillary Clinton

"If she [Hillary] can't handle the heat during a Democratic contest,
wait until the Republicans really start going"
-Wolf Blitzer

RE: the Clintons... "the country must decide whether it is comfortable with
such a sharing of the power and authority of the highest office in the land
-David Broder

"those boys have been getting tough on her lately"
-Bill Clinton

"President Clinton's not on the ballot"
-Jeff Zeleny

"the Thatchers and Indira Gandhis and Golda Meirs
and Angela Merkels, never play the boo-hoo game"
-Peggy Noonan re Hillary Clinton

"Piling on? She ain't seen nothin' yet."
-David Yepsen re Hillary Clinton

“Our rights come from God and not from government.”
-Fred Thompson

"On the Republican side, it looks like the TV show Survivor."
-Charlie Cook

"In so many ways, this all-women's college prepared me to compete
in the all-boys club of presidential politics."
- Hillary Clinton

"I Hope That You're Going To Talk About More Than A Tongue Stud."
-Dennis Kucinich

"Rudy Giuliani has three words, a noun, a verb and 9/11."
-Joe Biden


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