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Here they are -- the best ночные экскурсии по Санкт-Петербургу на разводные мосты and videos of the 2008 election... so far:



Paris Hilton strikes back at McCain
with her own 'presidential' ad



'Praise The One'
McCain ad attacks the 'Divine Obama'



McCain ad with
Britney Spears, Paris Hilto


Is Obama Wright? - Pastor Jeremiah Wright & Sen. Obama


Obama Girl
"Hillary! Stop the attacks!"

Father Pfleger at Obama's church: rants, mocks Hillary crying

Hillary Clinton's
Red Phone attack ad


Barack Obama's
Red Phone response ad

Jack Nicholson video
for 'sexy' Hillary

SNL spoofs Clinton campaign's '3 am' tv ad

"Yes We Can"
over 10M views in 2 days...

McCain campaign
 Huckabee 'endorses' McCain


McCain supporters asks
 "How do we beat the bitch?"


Too old?  "You little jerk!" McCain laughs


Obama stand-up act in Vegas
to jab at Clinton... CBS News

"What About John Edwards?"
Edwards Campaign

Bill Clinton get heated over Nevada lawsuit question


Bill Clinton:
"I can't make her younger..."


Hillary Clinton
tears up in New Hampshire


McCain campaign


"Message to Iowa voters"
Thompson campaign

"Christmas Holiday Message"
Thompson campaign


"Iowa Caucuses Movie Trailer"
Edwards campaign


Clinton campaign

"What really matters"
Huckabee campaign

"Turning Toward Hope"
Clinton Iowa precinct captain dumps Hillary, joins Obama



"Dennis asks self a question"
Kucinich campaign

Tancredo campaign

"Caucusing is easy"
Clinton campaign

'like John Edwards at a beauty shop" -- Mike Huckabee


Obama Girl/ Barack Obama
"I got a crush...on Obama"

"The Politics of Pile On"
Clinton campaign


'Two words: Chuck Norris'
Mike Huckabee campaign ad

Hillary Clinton:
"Hillary 1984"

John Edwards:
"I Feel Pretty"

John McCain:
"Bomb Iran"

Rudy Giuliani / Donald Trump
"Giuliani in drag"


Bill and Hillary Clinton:
"Sopranos Spoof"

Mike Gravel:

"Fred Thompson responds
to Michael Moore challenge"

Bill Richardson:
"Job Interview"


Hillary Clinton:
Singing the National Anthem

Bill Clinton: "I don't think she's trying to be a man"

Billiam the Snowman
from CNN/YouTube debate

Romney reacts to questioning about Mormonism on Jan Mickelson Show


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