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A Message from IPW PAC Chairman, Roger Hughes

Dear Reader,

The Iowa Presidential Watch, PAC is going to continue its efforts. The continued unabashed campaigning and partisan nature following the election compels Iowa Presidential Watch to continue to be a straight-forward voice as to what is occurring in the Presidential political scene.

Iowa Presidential Watch is going to continue to operate in defense of the conservative values that are essential to the preservation of our nationís ability to continue to be a bastion of individual freedom and responsibility. Iowa Presidential Watch will try to focus on the ongoing battle and seemingly endless campaign of 2004.

Iowa Presidential Watch will continue to feature news accounts. The coverage of the news may not always be as all encompassing as in the past. However, the coverage should be adequate for most who desire their daily fix concerning American presidential politics.

In addition, Iowa Presidential Watch will seek to highlight the debate over issues such as Social Security reform, tort reform, health care reform, gay marriage, and other issues that continue to effect the presidential election landscape.

Iowa Presidential Watch was first created because of the 2004 election and the fact that hordes of Democrats would be invading Iowa and offering up a one sided view about how our nation should be governed. Now for the first time ever, the Democrats have continued the campaign after the election is over. There seems to be no respite from the division of viewpoints that make up the red and blue states.

What is even more interesting is the fact that both Republicans and Democrats have already begun their campaigns for President. Because of this, Iowa Presidential Watch will highlight and feature the various candidates and their efforts from the unique vantage-point of Iowa.


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