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John Kerry

excerpts from the Iowa Daily Report

February 16-29, 2004

"This is not going to go away," said an American friend of Polier to the Telegraph UK. "What actually happened is much nastier than is being reported."

"I think he's [John Kerry] a sleazeball," exclaimed Terry Polier. "I did wonder if she didn't get that feeling herself."   (2/16/2004)

Still a race?

"Not so fast, John Kerry," said Sen. John Edwards. “We're going to have an election here in Wisconsin this Tuesday and we've got a whole group of primaries coming up, and I for one intend to fight with everything I've got for every one of those votes.”

While Kerry is the front runner, none of the candidates sought to knock him out of his position. Instead, they focused on Bush bashing. They especially tried to open up a credibility gap for President Bush.

"Certainly the integrity and character of the president of the United States is at issue -- no question," Edwards said.

"I do not think we were told the truth about why we went to war in Iraq and I think that's a huge problem," Howard Dean bashed

"The president lied to the American people," said Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

The only real hit came from Edwards against his two strongest rivals Dean and Kerry on free trade. Edwards has spent nearly a week in Wisconsin pushing the issue of manufacturing layoffs in the state.

"Senator Kerry is entitled, as is Governor Dean, to support free trade, as they always have," Edwards said. "The voters of Wisconsin deserve to know this is something I will take very personally. I will stand up and fight every way I know how to protect these jobs."

The ‘not so fast’ as to why both Edwards and Dean are still in the race is the looming question… Kerry The Gold Digger’s affair that is yet to break. The question is whether it will break in time for the Primary season. Will it have an affect on Democrats, who clearly don’t mind sexual misconduct in the White House Oval Office? Was there a cigar involved? What is next?

This despite the fact that Kerry is at 47 percent, Dean is at 23 percent and Edwards is third with 20 percent in the latest Wisconsin polls. However, sentiment could still change with the breaking of the affair story.

Of course these numbers may change, because Dean has the problem of the Al Gore aide who just mutinied (his national chairman Steve Grossman). He had previously stated that he would wait until after the Wisconsin election on Tuesday:

"If Howard Dean does not win the Wisconsin primary, I will reach out to John Kerry unless he reaches out to me first," The Dean Campaign chairman Steve Grossman is reported to have said.

However, he abandoned ship for Kerry’s money and paycheck today.

I guess it is still worth the other two hanging around to see what happens.

Maybe Kerry should ask his friend Ted Kennedy what to do.

Terry McAuliff may want to start calling Hillary or be stuck with a charismatic Sen. John Edwards, whom his own party says is not ready. Or McAuliff may want to re-read the Des Moines Register’s article about Edwards that says, “He’s ready.”   (2/16/2004)

Was there an affair?

"This is not going to go away. What actually happened is much nastier than is being reported," said an American friend of Polier to the Telegraph UK.

Political pundits on talk shows Sunday were in near unanimous agreement that the alleged Sen. John Kerry affair while married to Terisa Heinz Kerry is going to have legs and grow in the media. Alexandra (Alex) Polier is the Associated Press intern who is alleged to have had an affair with the married Kerry.

The shocking news is that it is being reported that Polier has already told her story to a major network news outlet. The television network is trying to gather more proof of the charges made by Polier before airing what would be potentially damaging to the Kerry presidential campaign.

"I just deny it categorically," Kerry told reporters in Wisconsin, where a primary election will take place on Tuesday. "It's rumor. It's untrue. Period."

Kerry appeared on the Don Imus radio talk show last Friday morning and after saying there was nothing to report about the affair, Imus pronounced that Kerry was “dead” if it was proven that he was lying.

"These guys will want to try to do everything to change the subject," Kerry stated on Imus. "But I think they're in for a surprise. I'm a fighter, and I'm ready to fight back."

There is already damaging evidence that Kerry is lying.

Polier's parents, Terry and Donna Polier from Malvern, Pennsylvania, acknowledged that Kerry had been involved with their daughter.

"I think he's a sleazeball," exclaimed Terry Polier. "I did wonder if she didn't get that feeling herself."

Polier formerly worked for the New York bureau of the Associated Press after graduating with a double major in philosophy and government from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and with a journalism degree from Columbia University in New York. She is currently living in Kenya with the parents of her fiancé, Yaron Schwartzman, who works for a company called FilmStudios. The couple met at Columbia University and plan to get married later this year.

Kerry has reason to be concerned. It seems that his billionaire wife has promised to do serious bodily harm to him.

Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, told Elle Magazine that if her first husband was ever involved in an extramarital affair that she would "maim" him:

"I'll maim you," Teresa said, "Not kill you, just maim you."

Wonder what she’ll do to her second husband…?

It has also been reported that Kerry has been linked to other alleged extramarital affairs in the past, including Morgan Fairchild, Cornelia Guest, Patti Davis, Michele Philips, Catherine Oxenberg and other young reporters.  (2/16/2004)

  • “Kerry says terrorism is "primarily an intelligence and law-enforcement operation" — precisely the misconception that had us waking up on Sept. 12 realizing that while the enemy was preparing for war, we were preparing legal briefs for grand juries.” – writes columnist Charles Krathammer [entire column]

  • "I'm tired of these politicians who show up when the bagpipes are wailing and the flags are at half-staff and they talk about heroes in America," Kerry said. "And then when they go back to Washington, the flags are at full-staff again and the bagpipes have stopped playing, they forget."

  • “I believe we need a president who doesn't just say 'start your engines,' but says 'we're here to start the engines of the economy by putting America back to work," John Kerry said.

  • "Do for him what you did for my brother [deliver Wisconsin]," Sen. Ted Kennedy implored Wisconsinites. "He will make a great president, he will lead this country."  (2/17/2004)

Kerry barely wins Wisconsin
Edwards hot, Dean not

It was another win for John Kerry in the Wisconsin Primary… but just barely. Rival John Edwards was hot on Kerry’s heels throughout and momentum was in Edward’s corner. Howard Dean, coming in third place, did not secure enough Wisconsin votes to remain in the race according to those who would comment. Returning to Vermont, the former governor has said he is going to think things over. Dean also called both Edwards and Kerry to discuss his next move. If Dean endorses Edwards it could mean trouble ahead for Kerry… if Dean endorses Kerry, it could mean the end of the Edwards surge and hopes of unseating the leader.  (2/17/2004)

Dean’s hopes dashed in Wisconsin
Edwards crowding Kerry

According to DRUDGE, the late afternoon exit polls in Wisconsin show that even voters in that highly liberal, independent-minded state just do not support Howard Dean as their party’s presidential candidate… at a disappointing 15 percent of the vote thus far, Howard Dean is not their candidate of choice. Big question, of course, is: will Dean stay in the race after today?

But the other developing story, according to DRUDGE, is that of John Edwards’ surprising strength and crowding of leader John Kerry -- exit polling shows Edwards at 31 percent to Kerry’s 42 percent. (2/17/2004)

Kerry dropping in Polls

The latest Rasmussen Reports national tracking poll indicates that Sen. John Kerry has dropped 8 percentage points and that Sen. John Edwards has gained 7 percentage points in just three days. Kerry is now at 43 percent and Edwards has 25 percent support among the nation’s Democrats. Howard Dean is at 14 percent.

There was no indication as to why Democrats are no longer supporting Kerry as strongly as they have. There have been several revelations concerning Kerry’s past affairs and a recent affair that was denied. In addition, there have been suggestions about his twenty year Senate flip flops and the revelation of being the leading Senator in taking the largest amount of special interest money.

The national telephone survey of 570 Democrats was conducted by Rasmussen Reports over the past three nights. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points. (2/17/2004)

Kerry out of line

Sen. John Kerry campaigning in Wisconsin with Rep. Dick Gephardt claimed that President Bush doesn’t care about America’s fallen heroes.

"I'm tired of these politicians who show up when the bagpipes are wailing and the flags are at half-staff and they talk about heroes in America," Kerry said. "And then when they go back to Washington, the flags are at full-staff again and the bagpipes have stopped playing, they forget."

It was the most irreverent attack by any Democrat opponent to date. The charge is akin to saying that the President of the United States doesn’t care about the sacrifices of 9-11 or the losses of American lives in the continuing War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. There will undoubtedly be those who demand out of decency an apology by Kerry. (2/17/2004)

Kerry affair story takes twist

Nairobi Kenya - Alexandra Polier issued a statement to The Associated Press, saying, "I have never had a relationship with Senator Kerry, and the rumors in the press are completely false."

"Whoever is spreading these rumors and allegations does not know me," Polier said, appealing to the media to respect her privacy and the privacy of her fiance and his family.

Her parents stated, "We love and support her 100 percent and these unfounded rumors are hurtful to our entire family," the statement said. "We appreciate the way Senator Kerry has handled the situation, and intend on voting for him for president of the United States."

In a statement e-mailed to the AP in New York, Alex’s father Terry Polier said he was misquoted by the Sun and that his wife never talked to the Sun reporter. Contacted early Tuesday, the Sun had no immediate comment.

It is attributed that the story was being peddled that Kerry had an affair with Alex Polier by a Wesley Clark aide. Wesley Clark supposedly told reporters off the record, "Kerry will implode over an intern issue."

It has also been reported that Polier dated longtime Kerry Finance Director Peter Maroney. It was reported that she stated in Kerry’s offices that she was dating ‘the next President of the United States.’

This strange sequence of events remains suspicious, and there remain questions whether it is true or untrue that she taped an interview with a network television during Christmas – supposedly telling all about her affair with John Kerry.

Will this saga continue? Will the British newspapers respond?  (2/17/2004)

Kerry and Gephardt

The Kerry campaign released the following release:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and Representative Dick Gephardt today joined union leaders from the Alliance for Economic Justice (AEJ) at a rally in Milwaukee to highlight George Bush’s failed economic policies. AEJ unanimously voted last Wednesday to endorse John Kerry in the Democratic presidential primary race. The 19 member unions of the Alliance represent more than 5 million workers throughout America.

“It was the choice of our union leaders to stand behind John Kerry and his more than 19 years of public service to working men and women,” said Joe Hunt, Chairman of the Alliance and General President of the Iron Workers Union. “He has the character, the passion and the strength to fight for a better future for America’s working families.”

John Kerry is currently embarked on a four-day dialogue with American workers about the devastating impact of the Bush economy on middle class families. He is discussing his plan to re-tool the American economy and create manufacturing jobs, beginning with the repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

The Alliance will put in place a massive grassroots voter education and mobilization effort for the remaining presidential primaries and for November’s general election. In New York and California alone, whose combined delegate count totals nearly one-fourth of those needed to secure the Democratic nomination, Alliance member unions have more than 500,000 members.

“George Bush is more about creating photo opportunities than job opportunities,” said Kerry. “Since he took office, Wisconsin has lost 75,000 manufacturing jobs and more than 170,000 people in this state still can’t find work. President Bush has focused on tax cuts for the wealthy rather than American jobs and he has done little to address the real reasons manufacturing jobs are being lost.”

“I promise you that when I am president, we will put jobs back on the top of the national agenda, and return prosperity to America,” continued Kerry. “I will start by repealing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and instead invest in education and affordable healthcare for all. I will fight for manufacturing jobs by giving real incentives to keep jobs in the United States, making sure manufacturers can compete by making health care more affordable and assuring that these companies can compete on a level playing field. Unlike the Bush Administration, I want to repeal every tax break and loophole that rewards any Benedict Arnold CEO or corporation for shipping American jobs overseas.”

The Alliance for Economic Justice was formed in 2003 and consists of the following unions: the Air Line Pilots Association, American Maritime Officers, Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Graphic Communications International Union, International Association of Iron Workers, Laborers’ Union, Machinists Union, Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way, Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, Office and Professional Employees Union, PACE International Union, Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons Union, Seafarers Union, Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Union, United Steelworkers of America, Teamsters Union, Transport Workers Union of America and United Food and Commercial Workers Union. (2/17/2004)

  • Every father understands that a man applying to be his daughter's sugar daddy is held to a different standard than a man who only wants to be president of the United States. You wouldn't necessarily want President Sleazeball to be your lover-in-law.  -- writes Wesley Pruden, Washington Times.

  • Kerry is exhausted, by all our accounts, and while Edwards is tired, he seems fresher. Energy and verve will matter greatly during the next two weeks. -- writes ABC’s The Note.

  • "We're going to win the nomination," Kerry said.

  • We play everywhere, unlike John Edwards and Howard Dean and anyone else in the race," said Steve Elmendorf, Kerry's deputy campaign manager. "The problem these other candidates have is they are not competing in a serious way to get enough delegates to get the nomination."

  • "We underwent a lot of Republican attacks the last week," John Kerry said. “Notwithstanding those attacks we showed we can fight back."   (2/18/2004)

Dean done & Edwards a contender

The truth of Howard Dean’s campaign death became apparent in Wisconsin’s election with an 18 percent finish and 13 delegates to Sen. John Edwards' 34 percent and 24 delegates and Sen. John Kerry’s 40 percent and 30 delegates. The Doctor hopefully is going back to Vermont where he will make the call to cease life support efforts and pull the plug on a campaign that will be studied and written about for years to come.

However, Dean’s first inclination seems to be to scale back his campaign, and not formally withdraw. It was reported that he was looking for a way to still affect the outcome of the race.

Edwards has become a contender for the nomination in a two-way race at this point. Whether he has the money or enough media attention to play in all the big states that make up the 10 states on Super Tuesday, March 2 is another question. Edwards should get a huge boost in cash, but it will be difficult to spend the money in a timely and effective way that will have an impact. There is also the problem of if Dean endorses Kerry.

Exit polls showed 75 percent of Edwards' supporters made their decision in the last three days, after he had a strong performance in a Sunday debate and picked up major newspaper endorsements in the two biggest cities, Milwaukee and Madison.

Exit polls also showed two-thirds of Edwards' supporters said issues mattered more than electability in the race against Bush. Electability has been a key factor in the rise of Kerry. Edwards has been pushing jobs and economy and highlighting Kerry’s support of NAFTA.

Kerry won 2-to-1 among Democrats, and Edwards easily won among independents and especially among the one in 10 voters who were Republicans in the Wisconsin voting. (2/18/2004)

Delegate count

Here is ABC’s delegate count:





Kucinich—2     (2/18/2004)

“… George Bush said he couldn’t be held responsible for knowing the number of new jobs because he’s not in charge of the numbers. Well it doesn’t take a lot of math to count to zero,” said John Kerry.

"The beauty of John Kerry is 32 years of votes and public pronouncements," said Mark McKinnon, the chief media adviser. McKinnon suggested a possible tag line: "He's been wrong for 32 years, he's wrong now."  (2/20/2004)

Kerry & Edwards head-to-head this Sunday

DRUDGE is alerting the world that John Kerry and John Edwards have agreed to go head to head on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” The show will air this Sunday.  And according to Stephanopoulos:

“No politics, no process, no gotcha…We want to focus the candidates and the voters on the big differences over the big issues.”

And the big issues to be covered are: jobs, trade and the economy, health care, Iraq, and terrorism.  (2/20/2004)

Labor says race over

"Today we know the time has come to unite behind one man, one leader, one candidate," said John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, an umbrella organization of 64 unions. "Throughout his distinguished political career John Kerry has been a friend of working families."

While Labor’s number one spokesman may have been calling the race, Sen. John Edwards was criticizing Sen. John Kerry’s vote in support of NAFTA.

Meanwhile Kerry bashed Bush and the Economic forecast that projected more jobs being created in December than what looks feasible now.

“Every year, George Bush has promised to create jobs. And every year, he’s ended up losing them. Just last week, the White House promised to create 2.6 million jobs this year. But yesterday, George Bush said he couldn’t be held responsible for knowing the number of new jobs because he’s not in charge of the numbers. Well it doesn’t take a lot of math to count to zero,” said Kerry.

Kerry also sounded the isolationism and trade barrier theme that has come to dominate the Democrat’s rhetoric:

“It makes no sense at all for the American taxpayer to subsidize sending our jobs overseas.

We’re going to repeal every tax loophole and benefit that rewards any Benedict Arnold CEO or company for exploiting the tax code to export American jobs. We should be exporting American products, not American jobs.

“George Bush said that if our trading partners engage in unfair trading practices, they’ll hear from us. But today, when foreign countries engage in unfair trading practices, all they hear from this President is the silence of a wink and a nod. I will insist on real worker and environmental provisions in the core of every trade agreement. Unlike George Bush, I will enforce them.

And I am honored by the confidence of working men and women that I will stand up and fight for you.”  (2/20/2004)

Delegate count

The has the vote count for the Democrats as follows.

Wesley Clark – 44

Howard Dean – 112

John Edwards – 171

John Kerry – 494

Al Sharpton – 12

This site is excellent in explaining the delegate selection allocation for both the Republicans and Democrats.  (2/20/2004)



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