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DECEMBER 2007 Notable Quotables:

"we can't have a president who spent two minutes on YouTube
staring in a mirror and poofing his hair. Really, we just can't."
-Peggy Noonan RE John Edwards

"Huck is the root from which you can invent your own Huckaword"
-Terry Eastland/WeeklyStandard

"like F.D.R., the Clinton team is basically running for a third term.”
-James Pfiffner

"voting for Billary is a sure bet: an endless soap opera."
-Maureen Dowd

"I don't want to eat Mexican chocolate"
-New Hampshire resident

"If I invoke the name Jesus Christ in profanity nobody would think a thing."
-Mike Huckabee about his Christmas ad

oldie, but goodie: "The voters have spoken. The bastards."
-Mo Udall

"A month ago, I was an idiot.
This month, I'm a genius..."
-Barack Obama

"Well, Hillary, I'm looking forward to having you as an advisor as well."
-Barack Obama

"Tom Harkin’s been working like a Trojan"
-Hillary Clinton, in a generation gap moment

"I'm not doin' hand shows... today"
-Fred Thompson


"Washburn brought all the charm to her assignment of a latter-day Nurse Ratched"
-WeeklyStandard's Dean Barnet about GOP debate

"the moment is now... "He is the one."
-Oprah Winfrey

”You want Oprah as vice president?
That would be a demotion – you understand that?” 
-Barack Obama

"The amount of time you spend in Washington means nothing
unless you are accountable for the judgment you made."
-Oprah Winfrey

"We've had a Congress that spends like John Edwards at a beauty shop."
-Mike Huckabee

"there are a whole lot of American people
who don't want to put the presidency up for sale.
If they do they might as well put it on eBay"
-Mike Huckabee

"I would love to see a woman president, I just didn't think it would be her."
-Gennifer Flowers

"They are not carrying the big sticks I would have expected"
-VP Dick Cheney (about John Murtha, John Dingell)

"It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush"
-Hillary Clinton

"I'm just about to climb on that Huckabee bandwagon"
-Don Imus

"I don't want to just have a one night stand with all of you."
-Hillary Clinton

"Dick Cheney is still a war criminal,
Hillary Clinton is still Satan and I'm back on the radio"
-Don Imus

"it is aeronautically impossible for the bumblebee to fly.
However, the bumblebee, being unaware of these
scientific facts, goes ahead and flies anyway."
-Mike Huckabee/bumblebee

"well, now the fun part starts."
-Hillary Clinton, on the attack

"I drink a different kind of Jesus juice,"
-Mike Huckabee (2005)

"Oprah can’t turn Obama into Oprah"
-William Gray




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