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February 7, 2006

"Under the Bush administration, there's been a disgraceful and illegal decision -- we're not going to the let the judges or the Congress or anyone else know that we're spying on the American people," former President Jimmy Carter told reporters. "And no one knows how many innocent Americans have had their privacy violated under this secret act."


J U S T   P O L I T I C S Gonzales response

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee provided fuel for MoveOn.Org’s hope of impeaching the president and winning Democrat seats in the next election. Here is the e-mail following Gonzales’ testimony:

This morning, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testified about the president's illegal domestic spying program. His testimony came one day after Senator Arlen Specter, the Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said that the president violated the law1 and the Washington Post debunked a key Bush administration claim, reporting that the program tapped thousands of innocent Americans and almost no terrorism suspects.2

The White House has already set the stage to stonewall.3 So it's important that our senators demand real answers from the administration.

This is a critical moment. Senators will be gauging public reaction to today's hearing for the next few days. If they don't hear pressure from us, they may let this go. On Wednesday we want to deliver signatures and comments by email to every Senator demanding thorough hearings and a special prosecutor. Can you help us get to 400,000 signatures by Wednesday?

Here is the bottom line: the president is breaking the law. He already has the authority to wiretap suspected terrorists—and we support that—but he chose to reach beyond that. We need to know why he refuses to get warrants and he needs to be held accountable.

Respecting the rule of law isn't a partisan issue, it's a core American principle. That's why prominent conservatives like David Keene, Paul Weyrich and Grover Norquist are outraged by the president's illegal program.4 Even leading Republicans like Chuck Hagel, Lindsey Graham, and Sam Brownback have seriously questioned the president's authority.5 With public criticism mounting, the Bush administration knows they're in big trouble.

If the president can get away with breaking the law now, there's no limit to what he or any other president can do. Together we can stop it now.

This is an important issue and it will help remind Americans, in an election year, what Republicans are all about—accumulating power for themselves, and trampling the system of checks and balances designed to stop that. It's the Senate's job to act as a check on the president's power. If they can't do it, they shouldn't be in Washington.

Thanks for all you do,

–Eli, Nita, Jennifer, Justin and the Political Action Team
Monday, February 6th, 2006's new Impeach Bush ad

To the end of pushing forward the concept that President Bush needs to be impeached, is advancing a new TV ad linking Bush to Nixon:

    We've put together a powerful new ad that that compares President Bush to President Nixon and forces the real question: is the president above the law? Will you help us air it during this critical week?


You can click here to view the ad: [LINK]


Bush team jumping to McCain

NewsMax reports on the fact that many of President Bush’s political operatives are jumping on Sen. John McCain’s presidential hopes:

With the 2008 presidential election less than three years away, more than a few members of President Bush's campaign team have begun to migrate to the current GOP frontrunner, Sen. John McCain.

According to Newsweek magazine, Mark McKinnon, Bush's longtime media adviser, has told the president he's ready to leap aboard McCain's "Straight Talk Express," unless brother Jeb or Condoleezza Rice change their minds and get into the race.

Among Bush fundraisers, the biggest catch, says Newsweek, is Tom Loeffler, a former congressman from San Antonio, who is a Bush-family loyalist and helped build Bush's money machine in 2000.

Hillary’s anger

Sen. Hillary Clinton tried to demonstrate that she doesn’t need anger management classes while being interviewed by reporters yesterday. Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman recently said that Hillary had too much anger to be president. The NY Times covers the story:

"I would suggest that the Washington Republicans worry about these devastating budget cuts, the confusion and bureaucratic nightmare in the prescription drug benefit — that that's where they should be spending their time and energy, instead of trying to divert attention away from their many failures and shortcomings," Mrs. Clinton said.

Gingrich promotes agenda

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich was in Connecticut recently offering his opinion as to what the national agenda needs to include.

Gingrich warned of five foreign and internal forces that threaten the nation: terrorism and rogue governments, loss of patriotism, economic decline owing to poor math and science education, the financial burdens from Social Security and Medicare, and the disappearance of God in everyday life.

"I think the challenges we face are very big," Gingrich said. He warned that fixing them calls for very deep and very dramatic changes in America character.

Democrats call for raising taxes

President Bush presented his 2.77 trillion and held to his hope of making the current tax cuts permanent. In response, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) called for letting the tax raises to go into effect.

Hillary Clinton was not so blunt -- she used the code words "Instead of investing in the future" in calling for tax increases.

Rep. David Obey (D-WI) offered the Democrat standard of class warfare: "Bush's budget proposal is a guide to how the American public is paying for tax cuts that are skewed to benefit the wealthiest Americans. ... This isn't fiscal discipline; it's telling the American people that government isn't for the public, it's for the privileged."

McCain vs. Obama

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) offered a letter to Sen. Barack Obama (D-IA) and sent it directly to his home state newspaper. It has set off a great stir and clearly caught Obama off-guard. If you wish to read the full exchange of letters and see the biting wit of McCain, go to Obama’s website: [LINK]

Romney in New Hampshire

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will appear at the Carroll County Republican Committee's annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 24 in Ossipee, New Hampshire.



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