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July 18, 2006  

"Do you care about a kid who is hungry? Do you care about a family that lives in a shack without running water and a sewer that runs out the back of their house? If I donít care about that, I donít have the right to care about abortion. Iíve not earned the right to talk about the structure of the family," Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) said.

"We will stand with Israel because Israel is standing for American values as well as Israeli ones," Sen. Hillary Clinton said.

"To all the Republicans who sit in their air-conditioned offices and talk of the courage it takes for them to keep young kids in harm's way, I say enough. [And White House aide] Karl Rove talking about 'cutting and running' while he sits on his big, fat backside saying 'stay the course,' I say enough. That's not a plan." Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) said.


J U S T   P O L I T I C S


Bush addressing NAACP?

It appears that President Bush may address the NAACP annual convention ending the Presidentís long absence from this event. According to the LA Times:

Negotiations, which have been underway for days, have involved the NAACP's president, Bruce S. Gordon, who has pursued warmer relations with Bush and White House aides, including political strategist Karl Rove.

By Monday it appeared increasingly likely that Bush would speak, although the White House had yet to confirm it with the group, formally known as the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People. The convention ends Thursday.

Fristís blogging

Sen. Bill Frist offers insight into his thinking about the Internet and political campaigns:

I wanted to send you a quick email to tell you about a new Volpac website we are launching today,

We built this website to provide an interactive forum for the discussion of the medical challenges facing America in the twenty-first century. We hope you use this forum to discuss and debate solutions to these moral, ethical, political and scientific issues.

To visit please click here.

I started blogging in October of last year because blogging provides a unique way to reach out to Americans and solicit their feedback.

Bloomberg third party candidate?

NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being talked about as an independent candidate for President. Rumor has it that he will dispose of his multi-billion-fortune and save back a few hundred million to run.

There are some concerns in the Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton camp that a Bloomberg candidacy would wind up hurting her general-election chances. However the thinking is in the Bloomberg camp that if the GOP nominates a highly conservative candidate in 2008, Bloomberg could snap up votes from the disaffected middle and independents.

Whitman's Moderate PAC

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman will be in New Hampshire on July 29th to help raise money for Republican candidates as chair of her moderate PAC, Itís My Party Too.

Romney in Iowa

Governor Mitt Romney will be in Ames, Iowa on July 29th to meet with leading Republicans for lunch. Those interested should contact: Tim Moran III, Commonwealth PAC, office 515-284-1441,



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