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March 3, 2006


J U S T   P O L I T I C S


No break for Democrats

Analysis by: Roger Hughes

Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans were screaming and yelling yesterday about how President Bush was warned about levees breaking before Katrina made landfall. Now, Democrats are silent as they learn that their Democrat woman Governor Kathleen Blanco left the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) team in confusion about whether the levees had been breached.

Yesterday, the Democrat Party sent out an e-mail saying in part:

After I sent my email to you yesterday, the AP released tapes of President Bush being briefed on the dangers and impact of Hurricane Katrina the day before the storm hit. The tapes directly contradict Bush's now infamous claim after Katrina, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

Even though the Republicans have consistently stonewalled Democrat's efforts for a thorough investigation of Hurricane Katrina, to find out what they knew and when they knew it, the facts are getting out. It is vital that everyone read the AP story and see the tapes for themselves. This story is too important to be spun by talking heads and right wing pundits - now you can see it firsthand.

No e-mail has been as equally fast from the Democrat Party concerning the following subsequent Associated Press story:

"We keep getting reports in some places that maybe water is coming over the levees," Gov. Kathleen Blanco said shortly after noon on Aug. 29 — the day the storm hit the Gulf coast.

"We heard a report unconfirmed, I think, we have not breached the levee," she said on a video of the day's disaster briefing that was obtained Thursday night by The Associated Press. "I think we have not breached the levee at this time."

Somewhere in all of this no one is talking about the fact that the federal government cannot invade a state without the permission of the governor of that state. Of course, except in time of rebellion from the union.

It seems that Democrats would not want to use Hurricane as the example of President Bush’s largest failure. Why would they keep pushing this as Bush’s biggest failure - a case where a large urban black Democrat Mayor in a known corrupt city was the first in charge? Add to that, the case that a female Democrat Governor is the second in charge. It just doesn’t seem wise to use that as the primary case where President Bush is the biggest failure on the campaign trail.

If it were me, I would get a better example for my campaign attack.

If Democrats want the Black vote, just say that you will give out more welfare than Republicans. I am sure that will create a different looking world than the uni-dome after Katrina hit. Of course, that is not what they want to do. They want to keep the same old failed policy of the "War on Poverty" without having to look at the consequences of that policy.

Democrats, there is a reason that Democrat President Clinton said that "welfare as we know it is over."



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