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May 30, 2006  

"She [Rep. Nancy Pelosi] ought to be a big component of the fall campaign," said Ed Rogers, a Republican strategist and lobbyist. "There are some Democrats who make really good bad guys."

"You don't have rights. You are here illegally," said [Art] Bollinger of the people who cross the border without permission.  "If I break the law, I go to prison. You break the law and the American government says they'll kiss your behind.  No.  That's ridiculous." [LINK]


J U S T   P O L I T I C S


Gore: Civilization coming to an end

Former Vice President Al Gore continues to say that he will not run for president. He also is carrying the dark message that civilization is coming to an end. BBC News reports on Gore’s speech to the Hay:

But Mr. Gore, fresh from an appearance at the Cannes film festival, delivered a starker message that the world was now facing a "danger which could bring the end of civilization."

A documentary, which premiered at Cannes, An Inconvenient Truth, is based on lectures Mr. Gore has been delivering about environmental crisis for many years.

He was asked by a member of the Hay Festival audience to run for president again.

But Mr. Gore replied: "I honestly believe that the role I can most usefully play is to try to change the minds of the American people...about what this crisis is about."

Iran broadens terrorism

CNS News reports that Iran is providing Hizballah with improved weapons to destroy Israel:

Iran is supplying the Hizballah terrorist organization with rockets that can penetrate deep into Israeli territory, a military source said on Monday.

Tensions flared along Israel's northern border over the weekend after terrorists fired several Katyusha rockets at northern Israeli targets, hitting an Israeli army base and lightly injuring one soldier.

Islamic Jihad in Lebanon said the initial attack was retaliation for the death of one of its senior leaders in Lebanon, which it blamed on Israel. Lebanon is home to more than 350,000 Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

But Israel says no fire can be directed at Israel from the area without the consent of Hizballah.



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